The Fılm of My Lıfe

I love watching films.Especially romantic- musicals.I think La la Land is the most effective film for me.It is a romantic musical film.It is a love story but it is funny.There are two main characters in this film;Mia and Sebastian.

Mia wants to be a famous actress.And she works in a cafe.She joins competitions but she always fails.Sebastian is mad about jazz music.He wants to open his own jazz club.He also works in a jazz club.One day, customers don’t like Sebastian’s music and his boss dismiss him.But Mia was there when it happens.She likes his music but while she tells him this,he doesn’t see Mia.Suddenly,they came across.After some days,they fall in love each others.They go their own home…

Some weeks later,they argue.They break each others heart.5 years later,Mia marries another man and Sebastian opens his own jazz club.

      The last scene is my favourite.They saw each other in his jazz club and they smiled each other.This film’s main actors are Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.